Monday, September 7, 2009

The Neighborhood Has Come Alive Again

I just knew that you would want to see a picture of Dixie, and one of my buddy Brady, so here they are. After a very quiet, some might call it a boring, Labor Day weekend the neighborhood is once again turned into a hub of activity. The Moore's are back from camping, and the Gooies are back from their Seattle family reunion. That's right...we have a neighbor named Gooie, not a Gooie neighbor. In reality, his name is John Gould, so through most of his live he has been known as Gooie! All of the kids within a two and a half mile radius ended up in our house this evening, which is a-okay with us.
The highlight of the evening so far (we haven't had dinner yet...chicken pot pie) was an extended conversation with Brady on the front porch. It was centered around the merits of a person not pooping in their pants. It went kind of like this:
Brian: Brady, do you stink?
Brady: Yeah
Brian: Brady, did you poop in your pants?
Brady: Yeah
Brian: Do you need to go home and get new pants?
Brady: No
Brian: Are you sure?
Brady: Yeah
Brian: I think that you better go home and get new pants
Brady: Yeah...but there is a snake over there
Brian: No, there are no snakes over there
Brady: Yeah
Brian: No Brady, there are no snakes over there!
Brady: I'll go get new pants, I'll come back
Brian: Okay, I'll be here
Brady: Bye!
At this time Brady ran back across the cul-de-sac, and wasn't seen again for the rest of the evening.
The pot pie is just about done. The laundry is just about done (Monday is always laundry day), and the holiday weekend is just about done. Starting tomorrow I will have two jobs, as Ministry Director for St. John's Lutheran Church, and as the instructor for Air Science 103 at Spokane Falls Community College. By the end of the month I will start a third job, refereeing basketball.
Hmmm, what did I miss? Oh yes, the weather! It is cool and crisp right now. We had a beautiful sunset. Sunny days are on the way, and it will be getting warmer. After a few days in the 60s we will be back into the 80s for the second half of the week. I talked to Beth earlier today, after her trip to Post lake with my brother Dave and his family. The weather there was just that, sunny days with temperatures in near 80 degrees. She is going to be writing a 10 page paper for her English class about her Labor Day weekend experience. The assignment was only for 2 pages, but the shenanigans of that group will deserve more like 10 pages, at least that is what Beth had to report.

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