Friday, September 11, 2009

Its Fair Time!

Today marks the start of the Spokane County Interstate Fair. For the past seven years that has meant spending endless hours, every day for a week and a half, at the KHQ-TV tent greating people, or in most cases just sitting there trying not to look like and idiot. Thats hard for me. I must say that I enjoyed chatting with a lot of the people who would drop by, but then there were those who would drop by, and then drop by again, and again and again and again. Each time they would stay a little longer than the time before. Most of these people had some sort of social mal-adjustment. I realize that the Fair is an important part of their lives, so they come every day, and I realize that these are God's children too, so I would treat them with respect. I just didn't look forward to their continual arrivals. Anyway, all of that, thanks to the management at KHQ-TV, is in the past. If I go to the Fair this year it will be as a spectator with some sort of social mal-adjustment and I get to play on the other team in that game.

Today has dawned bright and sunny. There is a pretty good breeze out of the northeast up here on the South Hill. That is typical of this type of weather pattern. Under high pressure, when not much is stirring weather-wise. The air over the mountains of northeast Washington and the Idaho Panhandle cools overnight, and starts to slide downslope out of the mountains into the neighboring flatterlands. This called a "drainage" wind. Right now I would say the breeze is about 10 miles per hour or so, with occasional gusts a little higher. That breeze will go away as the day warms up, and it will warm up! All the way to the mid 80s. We'll see sunny weather and afternoon highs in the upper 80s tomorrow and Sunday, and probably stay in the 80s into the middle of next week. I guess you could call that "fair" weather! yuk...yuk...yuk...

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