Friday, September 4, 2009

An Interesting Day

I am coming to the end of what turned out to be a pretty good day. After my usual Friday morning tennis outing, in which I was unusually competitive, it was time to get to work cleaning out the gutters on the house. As I began the project, starting over the porch on the front of the house, my buddy Brady came over to see what I was doing. Coming over to see what I was doing really means that it is time to play. The garage door was open, and balls of various sizes and colors were visible, tennis balls, softballs and basketballs. All of these occupied the next hour or so, and Brady's dog Lucy was more than happy to join in the fun. I throw the tennis ball, and Lucy chases it down and returns it. I throw the tennis ball, and Lucy chases it down and returns it. This progression is then repeated several hundred times until the tennis ball becomes so saturated with dog slobber so as to render it unthrowable. Brady and I played with the softball, and the basketball, and I tried to teach him who Bucky Badger is, since I have my Badger flag prominently displayed out on the front porch. I don't think that he has quite gotten it yet, as he kept calling Bucky Ernie.

A little after 11am it was time for Kay and I to head down to the church building site. One of the Laborers For Christ couples, Don and Sue Guthals from Boulder, CO will be leaving us tomorrow and we wanted to take some time to sit and chat with them. Don has macular degeneration in his eyes and he just can't see well enough to continue working. Their 2 sons flew in this evening and they will be taking off to go home tomorrow morning. It is very hard to say good-bye, and I know that it is difficult for Don and Sue to have to leave before the project is complete, and to know that this is their last project. God has other plans for them, plans that probably include more time with their grandchildren. As we were just about to leave to come home, back to the gutter project, it was pointed out to me that my name was in the newspaper this morning. In "The Slice" column the writer was doing an offbeat Q-and-A, which included the following. "Q: Are TV news teams really just big happy families? A: Maybe you should ask Brian Albrecht." I have no idea what he meant by that. I have met Paul Turner in the past, had lunch with him a couple of times a number of years ago, but I haven't talked to him in quite some time!

Okay...okay...I know that I have been putting off cleaning the gutters, but I have to have lunch first. That turned out to be left over Phad Thai from a few days a go, with a side of tortilla chips and homemade salsa. By 1:30 I was finally ready to scale the 24 foot extension ladder and get to work. I am happy to report outstanding success in this venture, and I even re-attached the eaves trough in the areas where glaciation had ripped them from the house over the past two winters. I am hoping not to have to do this again for awhile...see my previous post about the winter forecast.

This evening gave us the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our friends Dan and Neilene DeBoise and their family, which includes adopted triplets of 3 and a half years old. Erik, Isaiah, and Chloe are our God-Children, but we haven't had the pleasure of seeing them much in the past year. Dan and I, along with Neilene's brother Arlen went to the Gonzaga Prep football game against East Vally High School. It was a suspense packed gridiron battle. East Valley took a 3-0 lead on there opening possession. Prep took the kickoff and marched down the field, and continued marching until they had scored touchdowns on 7 straight possessions to take 49-3 lead at the end of 3 quarters. At this point, we left. I don't know what the final score was, but I think that Prep probably pulled it out.

That brings me to this point, writing to my blog. Tomorrow will be a full day of work at the church, with the usual Saturday Pot-Luck lunch. MMM...Pot Luck. The weather should be nice, before rain moves in again later tomorrow night and Sunday. More on that in the morning.

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