Friday, September 18, 2009

Late On Friday Night

It is almost time to go to bed, but the blog rolls on. It has been a full day, with tennis (not a good showing by yours truly today), meteorology class (lab today, so it was pretty easy), some time at church (mostly out placing signs to advertise our Praise In The Park celebration tomorrow), a trip to the fair (the pigs have already been judged and are gone) and then an evening of neighborly chat. In the midst of all of this dinner didn't happen until 9:30pm, but it was well worth waiting for as we had a chicken satay, with Thai vegetables and a curried rice. Yum!

A beautiful day today turned into a beautiful evening. The weather tomorrow still looks a bit un-nerving, but the amount of rain that will be coming through the the area looks pretty small. That being said, if it comes through between 5 and 7pm it will still be a problem. I am not worried though, as the weather, along with everything else, is in the hands of God, and whatever He wants to accomplish will be accomplished. It has been very enjoyable and rewarding planning and getting ready for tomorrows Praise In The Park so whatever happens will be a blessing.

I had the chance to watch a little football this evening, Boise State at Fresno State. I was torn between who to root for as I am a Boise State fan due to our friendship with Larry and Darlene Moore, our neighbor Jason's parents, who live in Boise, and the fact that my Wisconsin Badgers played, and barely beat Fresno State last Saturday. In the end, Boise State won the game, a game that didn't seem to have anyone very interested in playing defense.

I mentioned in an earlier post that tomorrow will be a big day in the life of St. John's Lutheran Church, so I better get some rest so I can be ready to seize the moment.

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