Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Betrayal Of Confidence?

When one goes into the full-time ministry, one must keep many things in confidence, much like a doctor or a lawyer. This applies to the people that are under your spiritual care, and the things that they tell you in private. So, this morning I am going to violate that confidence and "spill it" about one of our church members. Let me set the stage. I got home from the church last evening, and Kay sent me to the store to pick up a few necessities. I will keep what those necessities were in confidence. Anyway, while driving to Albertson's my cellphone rang. I was at a stop sign so I answered. On the other end was my daughter Beth. I told her that I was driving, and she wanted me to call her back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I asked her to give me two minutes to get to my destination. Being the good dad that I am, I did indeed call her back. She said that she had someone I needed to talk to, and his name was John. He had the audacity to want to take my little bundle of joy out on a date. Allow me to back up a bit. I have always told Beth that she could date at any time, no matter what her age was at the time, with one stipulation...I was going along. As she got into high school I softened a bit, to the point that I gave up on my demand to be present, but that the boy had to be personally interviewed by me before any date could take place. Last evening she remembered that, and called me to have John talk to me before they went out. After a few pleasantries I hit him with the tough questions. He answered well (I don't know whether or not Beth filled him in on what would be asked in advance), and through the course of the interrogation I found out that he was a baseball fan. His favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles since he grew up in Baltimore. I informed him that football was my game, and I am a die hard Wisconsin Badger alum and fan. He responded to that by informing me that he supports the Ohio State Buckeyes. "Houston, we have a problem here". I am not so sure that I can tolerate a Buckeye fan. As the conversation ended I stated that I enjoyed our chat, and perhaps we would meet face to face one day. I then informed him that if he were to hurt my daughter physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in any other way I would meet him very soon, and the event would not be pleasant. I think that I said something about cutting his heart out. Maybe it was another body part. I don't remember my exact wording.

I can tell you this story since Beth outed herself on Facebook by announcing to the world that she now has a boyfriend. John and Beth went for a walk together after studying. This officially qualifies as her first date. Facebook is a great thing, as everybody on it instantly becomes an expert about anything that is being talked about. The conversation last night got around to the fact that all men are dumb, so Beth needs to stay on her toes. I guess I can't dispute that wisdom.

As for the weather, there is nothing new here. The normal high today is 70, and the normal low is 44. This morning's low has been 57 degrees, and the afternoon's high will be in the upper 80s. As I mentioned last night we will cool slightly into the weekend, but stay above normal into at least the middle of next week. I'm lovin' it!

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