Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just A Note

In the pictures dad looks SO serious...which he never is!

Better Late Than Never?

At long last...only a week are some pictures from my parent's 60th wedding anniversary celebration in La Crosse, WI last Saturday. Some of the more notable shots are; "The Guests of Honor" Erwin and Mary Albrecht who were joined together in holy matrimony on August 26th of 1950, my brother Larry...with the cat on his head and seated next to grandson Jeff, the girls...who seemed to have a monopoly on the comfy chairs, the guys...who had a monopoly on the table, Kay...the "hostess" for the afternoon, and great grand-daughter Taelynn. There are of course more pictures than will fit in this space, and most of the faces will be unfamiliar to many...but those involved know who they are! The reason it took so long to get these pictures posted is that they were on Kay's camera, which is not compatible with my laptop for instant loading. Therefore, we had to wait until we got home to post them.

Little Piece of Florida

One of the many things that I like about living in Florida, many long years ago, were the hibiscus plants that were just about always in bloom. Being that they love humid weather, and we have very little of that around here, they are somewhat hard to least it is difficult to get them to flower. Undaunted by that fact, I have been trying for 10 years, with limited success. Yesterday I noticed that my little plant was looking really happy, and today as I went out to check on it there were 5...COUNT 'EM...1...2...3...4...5...blooms! The most that I have ever had at one time up to now has been 3.
It may have looked a bit like Florida out there, but it didn't feel like it. This morning's low temperature was 48 degrees, after yesterday's high reached only 68. It is bright and sunny out there now, but we probably will only get to the upper 60s again today. Clouds will be building, and there may be an isolated shower or two late this afternoon or evening. Being that this is the last Sunday of the month, we will be holding our regular monthly contemporary service at 6 this evening, and we had planned to have it outside. We may have to re-evaluate that maneuver. Over the next few days the forecast will change very little, as it remains much cooler than normal for late August. The best bet to get wet, highest chance for rain showers, will come Tuesday. As a big cool trough of low pressure sits over us through midweek we will see highs just in the 60s through Tuesday, and then back up into the 70s for the second half of next week with sunnier and drier conditions.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Home At Last!

After 9 days, and nearly 4,000 miles, we arrived back in Spokane this evening. I must say that it is certainly good to be home again. We had a good trip, but the conversation of the day centered around the thought that maybe we are getting a little too old to make these types of journeys on a regular basis. With the two trips that we have made to Wisconsin and Minnesota, and back again since the first of May, the odometer on the Family Truckster has nearly 10,000 more miles on it than it did before. Give it a couple of months to see if our thinking...or lack thereof...changes.

Out there on the road today it seemed to take forever. Most of the day was spent in Montana. I mean no offense to "Big Sky Country", but if you can...I would advise you to avoid Montana if at all possible. Take another route! every time that we travel through Montana, which is usually twice each year, the same stretches of I-90 and I-94 are under construction. It has been that way for over 10 years! They never seem to get anything done. Not only that, but where other states slow you down to 55 or 60 in construction zones, in Montana the posted speed limit in such areas is 3 miles per hour, and invariably you will find yourself behind some guy who takes that number quite literally! Once we passed St. Regis, about 30 miles from the Idaho state line, I thought that we were in good shape as on the eastbound leg of the journey there were no construction areas beyond that milepost. A few miles up the road traffic came to a complete stop. We spent an hour sitting there wondering what was going on. turns out that a tractor trailer rig hauling huge bails of cardboard for recycling took a sharp mountain curve at a speed that was well above what was advised and dumped his load upon the road. As we finally passed I couldn't help but notice the Montana plate on both the trailer and the tractor. Who'd a thunk it?

Back here it home it is pretty chilly. Today's high in Spokane was only 68 degrees. Tomorrow looks nice with sunshine and 70s, but then on Sunday and Monday cooler air will be moving in again, so highs will be back into the 60s. It appears as if summer is pretty much over, and fall is settling in. I have a strong feeling that the upcoming winter is going to be a nasty one...cold and snowy! I'll have more to say about that in the coming days!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heading Home

I couldn't get connected to the Internet last night in the Denver area, so I missed my opportunity to fill you in on our day. That is probably okay since it was quite uneventful. The driving was easy, and traffic was light. We had a wonderful visit with friends, Dick and Norie, including a nice dinner and stroll through some of the green spaces on the south end of the Denver metro area. Today we woke up early, to the sounds of the yippy and yappy dog next door at about 5:30am, and then again at 7:00. After breakfast we headed off to visit our friend's church in Lakewood, a good 30 minutes away. It is a beautiful place, and big, complete with the main sanctuary that seats about 900, a separate chapel for about 200, a youth center, two fellowship halls and a coffee house. There is also a K-8 school, along with a preschool, so a lot was happening.

We hit the road at about 10:30am, headed northbound for Sheridan, Wyoming. I had never taken the stretch of road...I-25...from Casper to Buffalo, WY. I must report that there is absolutely nothing out there! At least nothing that I could see; 105 miles of brown grassland. We reached Sheridan about 4:30 this afternoon, and dropped in on more of our friends...Dave and Judy. Again, we were treated to a nice dinner, and then it was off to their 7 year old grandson's flag football game. It was really a hoot, and surprisingly, those little guys played pretty well! We are now settling down for the night, and will be hitting the road again, headed for home, about 9:00am tomorrow. That should get us home around 6:00pm.

I just checked in on the weather for tomorrow. As we arrived in Sheridan today the temperature was maxing out at 100 degrees. In Spokane right now the wind is gusting out of the southwest to near 40 miles per hour, and blowing dust is dropping visibility down to about a mile at times. The wind will die down overnight, but the next few days will be quite cool. Tomorrow's high will only be near 70 degrees, and it will be in the low 70s over the weekend. There will probably be a few showers on Saturday afternoon and evening. Along our route tomorrow the weather shouldn't be too bad, although some of those winds will likely be pushing us around on the road at times.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today we dropped Beth off at school...Concordia University of St. Paul, MN...and began our westbound journey toward home. We are taking a more southern route so as to drop in on friends in Denver and Sheridan, WY over the next couple of days. Our first stop has been in Omaha, Nebraska...where we are now. I booked a room on, one that had a low price and a very high customer satisfaction rating. It turned out to be an extended stay type of place, so we have a 4 room suite, (two of the rooms are in the bathroom!) and we arrived right in the middle of the free dinner and reception hour. That meant that we got the do it yourself Mexican salad with chicken breast and/or beef, along with garlic bread and all the wine and/or beer you could pour down your throat in a little over an hour. We were very reserved and discreet!
We took off this morning at 6:30 am, left Beth at Concordia at about noon, after unloading her stuff, and arrived in Omaha just before 6:00pm. Tomorrow we will be hitting the road about 9:00am and arriving in Denver by 5:00pm. I will check in again Wednesday evening.

Monday, August 23, 2010

At The Mall

Since we have been spending a few days out in the wilderness there availability of Internet services has been nil. Today we have driven down from Reedsburg to Madison, WI to see some of the local sites, and reconnect with some of our old favorites...we lived here through the 80s...and our first stop was the Hilldale Mall so that I could pirate somebody's wireless network. We will soon be heading for State Street, to view the local color and have a little lunch, and from there it is a tour of the convention center on the Lakefront. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is a pretty impressive edifice.

The 60th anniversary celebration on Saturday went very well, the heat and humidity, and all of the people in the house made it impossible for the air conditioner to keep up, but that was the only downside. As we were preparing things on Friday a fantastic thunderstorm rolled through about 2:30 in the afternoon. As per Toby Keith's new song "Trailerhood" we grabbed a six pack and a lawn chair and headed for the driveway to watch it roll in. You really should see the video of that song...check out you'll understand the method to our madness.

Well, time to roll on. When I next check in will likely be Tuesday night from Omaha. The weather has been good here, and it should be good in Spokane for the next couple of days, warming up a bit once again.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Staying in One Place

For a change, we are not traveling today. Today is preparation day. We are preparing for the feast to celebrate the 60th anniversary of my Father and Mother's nuptials, which took place on August 26th of 1950. The party is tomorrow since it was the best opportunity to get the family together.

I am going to ignore what happened yesterday, because if I don't, I will have to tell you about the driving lesson that Beth learned, the hard way. No I am not going to tell you about the large shard of truck tire that was lying in the middle of the highway, which they are wont to do. I won't write about me telling her...from the back seat...well before potentially encountering the discarded piece of tread; "don't drive over that." I will not be reporting that we did just exactly that, drive over it. No, that is why I am going to ignore all that happened yesterday. I would also have to tell you why I was sitting in the back seat.

I choose to look ahead, to all of the good things that are happening this weekend. I get to spend a few days with the folks, and nearly the entire family will be on hand tomorrow. I get to watch Beth try to pack all of her earthly belongings into the "Family Truckster" so that they can be transported to her dorm room at Concordia University in St. Paul. On Sunday I get to go to Reedsburg, to the home of Kay's mom, where I will be able to do some fishing. The catch there is usually quite substantial. There is a lot to look forward to, its going to be a great weekend. Oh I almost forgot, I get to look forward to some real live thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening...and I can hardly wait. Once the storms move through, tomorrow should turn out to be a pretty good day around the La Crosse, WI area, sunny to partly cloudy with the high in the mid 80s. Sunday should be mostly sunny and near 90 degrees. In Spokane the weather is looking cooler. Yesterday it got to 85 degrees, while today will be closer to 80 under a mostly sunny sky. Highs will just be in the 70s this weekend under a mix of clouds and sun, and on Sunday there will be a few isolated showers...and a thunderstorm or two around the mountain areas.

I will continue to keep you updated as I can, but the Internet access will be rather spotty the next few days!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Very Long Day

After 900 miles and going to the wrong hotel, we are finally settled in for the night in Rapid City, SD. There are two establishments of the same national hotel chain, and we first went to the one that had never heard of us. After about a 10 minute additional trip we made it to the one who knew our name. The trip was actually pretty uneventful, as there were no grinding wrecks to avoid and no large cloven hoofed mammals unexpectedly jumped out in front of us. We did actually let Beth drive the Family Truckster for an about an hour and a half, from Livingston to Billings, MT. It too went pretty well. The only problem is that I chewed my fingernails all the way up to the elbow!

I'll try to check in tomorrow.

On the Road Again!

We are about to hit the road, with our sights set on Wisconsin and Minnesota. We won't be getting anywhere near there today...just to Rapid City, SD...and even then we are seeing quite a delay from my original itinerary as we cannot leave until an additional and unexpected orthodontia appointment is satisfied. Oh, those kids and their teeth. It looks like the weather in route today will be quite favorable, so make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position...sit back...and enjoy the ride. And whatever you do, DON'T ANNOY THE DRIVER! That would be mainly me.

Yesterday's official, "airport" high temperature was 93 degrees. It reached 96 at Felts Field in Spokane Valley, and probably did a bit better than that downtown. Today won't be quite as hot, as low 90s are anticipated, and then it will be down into the 80s for Thursday and Friday. There are a few showers right now well to our south, over the Blue Mountains, and that is where they will stay this morning, well to our south. From there it will be a mostly sunny day, and mostly sunny skies are forecast through Friday. On the weekend there will be a few more clouds and it will be cooler still...highs in the 70s. Where we are headed, southern Wisconsin, we should have a nice round of thunderstorms on Friday. I'm looking forward to that!

Being that we will be out on the range the next couple of days, and all there is out there is a whole bunch of antelope, it may be a bit more difficult to keep you posted on the progress of our wagon train. I'll do the best I can to search out wireless networks and report our progress.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right On Schedule

As expected, today is going to be the hottest day of the week. We will be in the mid 90s late this afternoon out at the airport, and that will mean upper 90s in the middle of the city. There is a little bit of haze in the sky, but that will be it today, so blazing sunshine will prevail. Tomorrow won't be quite as hot, but we should still hit 90, then 80s will be the rule for Thursday and Friday. By the weekend there is a pretty good bet that we will only see high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, which is a little below normal for this time of year.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Brady's Back!!!

After being away at the lake a good part of last week, and then again over the weekend, my little 4 year old buddy blew through the door this morning to see what I was up to. He hung around for about a half hour, and then he had to go home to watch Arthur. We had a nice chat about alligators and crocodiles, and how to best avoid them when swimming in swamps. After Brady's visit it was off to play a little tennis. Most of the posse was back together, and due to the increasing heat we played indoors today. I had finally gotten used to playing in the sun, and having to look up into it when trying to serve, so today was another adjustment. Oh well, it made for a more legitimate excuse for my poor play. Actually, I didn't do to badly. I won't be playing for another two weeks as we will be hitting the road this Wednesday, very early in the morning, to head for Minnesota and Wisconsin. We will be dropping in on my parent's 60th wedding anniversary celebration on Saturday, and then dropping our "sweet Babbo", Beth, off for her 2nd year of college in St. Paul on Tuesday. We will also be dropping off a substantial portion of our life's savings!

In terms of the weather, it was a hot one today. Our church is having Vacation Bible School this week, and as part of the festivities we have an 18 wheeler that showed up today complete with a stage...huge speakers hooked to the music system...and a couple of rock climbing walls. This evening could be a real mess! A fun mess, but a mess nonetheless. Today the temperatures topped out in the low to mid 90s, and tomorrow should be a degree or two hotter. By Wednesday the breezes will be picking up from the southwest, hauling some milder air in from the direction of the Pacific, and we should be dropping back to highs in the 80s through the weekend...pretty comfy! Days will be mostly sunny and the nights clear and cool. There is still no rain in sight.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh...I Almost Forgot!

With all of the distractions of the evening I nearly forgot to talk about the weather...which is pretty much the greatest thing that one can do! Today we hit 90 degrees, and tomorrow and Tuesday we should be exceeding that by several degrees. Sunny skies and light winds will be the order of the days. By Wednesday and Thursday we will see a little bit of a southwesterly airflow, meaning that the weather will be coming in off of the Pacific again. That will result in a little bit of cooling, so we will be seeing highs in the 80s again, with overnight lows returning to the 50s...pretty much ideal.

One final note: I will be returning to the tennis court again early tomorrow morning, along with my usual posse. It's been a couple of weeks since we have been out there on the field of battle. As usual, the layoff will very likely result in an elevated level of play for my opponents, and a butt kicking for yours truly!

House Full of Girls!

Having completed a full summer of work at Camp Lutherhaven Beth came home today for a 3 day vacation before we all hit the road to take her back to school in St. Paul, MN. She brought with her a couple of camp friends that she made before they were to fly out of Spokane back to their homes. Evie was to leave late this afternoon, headed to San Francisco, and Kristin will be leaving tomorrow morning headed for Wisconsin. As it turns out Evie's flight out of Spokane International was canceled due to what was claimed to be illness on the part of the pilot, so off we went, back to the airport, to retrieve her until she can wing her way back home tomorrow morning. The bottom line is that we have a house full of girls and their stuff...but who's complaining! After returning from the airport, with Evie in tow, we fired up the grill and made a very nice dinner of chicken breast, twice baked potatoes, Asian slaw and string beans freshly pulled from the garden. After dinner the young ladies went out to the hot tub...Kay took the picture...and now they have all turned in for the night.
Up until this evening the weekend had been rather quiet and might even call it boring. My little 4 year old buddy Brady from across the street was gone with his family at Lake Pend Orielle (pronounced "Pond-oray" for those who are not from around these parts), but as of this evening they have returned. I am looking forward to hearing about his battles with snakes, sharks and interstellar invaders while away at the lake, and we will probably be playing a little baseball before we hit the road on Wednesday.

Heatin' Up

It has been a busy day so far...with a lot going on at church this morning into the early afternoon. We have weeds overtaking many of the landscape beds around the new church building and the parking lot, so we came up with an ingenious way to attack them. There are 24 individual plots, so we have started an "Adopt a Landscape Bed" program. In the first day of our effort we have gotten 21 of the 24 spoken for, so now we will have folks out there pulling weeds in their plots, and if it doesn't get done we have someone else to pin the blame on. That's always good...right?

For those weeding this afternoon it is getting pretty warm out there. Yesterday's official high was 84 degrees, and today we will be getting close to 90. It may not quite get there at the airport, but in town it may be a little above. Tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be hot, reaching the middle 90s, and then it will be back down into the 80s for the second half of the week. There is no rain in the forecast this week, which is pretty typical for this time of year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still Summer!

Just a quick note on the forecast for the Inland Northwest this weekend...sunny and warm! That was quick. We are headed for the mid to upper 80s this afternoon, and then around 90 tomorrow. It still looks pretty hot early in the upcoming week. I seriously doubt we will get near 100 degrees, so the chances for that to happen this summer are dwindling fast.

Gotta to have some fun...I hope

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crystal Clear Blue

I was driving along Government Way earlier this morning and looking out toward Mt. Spokane. The air today is so clear and clean you can almost count the individual trees on the mountainside some 20 miles away! It is going to be a beautiful afternoon, not too hot, which is good since I have a ton of yard work to catch up on. Temperatures will end up in the low to middle 80s by 4 to 5 this afternoon, and from there they will be inching up a little bit each day into early next week. Tomorrow will be a sunny day with afternoon temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80s, after starting in the upper 50s early in the day. On Sunday we should crack 90 degrees, and then we will be in the middle 90s Monday and Tuesday. Overnight lows will be rising into the 60s so it will be a bit more uncomfortable for sleeping without the aid of air conditioning. When we have a hot spell its easy to tell the folks that don't have AC...they're the grumpy ones!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lots of Little Kids!

This evening we had our open house for Meadowlane Christian School, part of the ministry of St. John's Lutheran Church. The event was called "Get the Scoop" as it was all built around an ice cream party. I'm not sure which was the favorite with the kids, the ice cream or the new play structure out back. The play structure kept them busy a little longer. In September we will open 3 preschool classes and a kindergarten. We are hoping and praying that we can slowly expand the school back to where it was for over 100 years, a full elementary...K-8..., when it was known as Spokane Lutheran School. The weather was very cooperative for this evening's event, it cooled off nicely. There were quite a few clouds overhead, which drifted down from some thunderstorms well to the north, over the mountains. Those clouds will gradually disappear tonight and tomorrow will be another sunny day.

Beautiful Day Ahead

The sun is shining and the coffee maker is far, so good...Today's weather should be picture perfect for a mid August day, with temperatures rising from there current level in the upper 50s to the middle 80s late this afternoon. Tomorrow and Saturday will be just about the same. Now that we are almost 2 months into summer, and the days are getting noticeably shorter, its not quite as difficult to have dinner before 9pm. Last night it was 8:45 since it was already dark out and all that we needed to do was shred some lettuce and cut up some left over chicken to concoct the evening entree...chicken Caesar salad.

I'll be heading off to the tennis court in about a half hour, which if you are an astute follower of this blog should be a little bit puzzling. My regularly scheduled butt kickings come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and this is Thursday...What gives? Well, today the humiliation will not come from the regular posse, but rather from an old friend from my days at KHQ-TV. Actually, Clarence is not an OLD friend, as he is younger than me, but we have known each other for some time now. We will be meeting in a singles match this morning, as we generally do about once every other week in the summer. Its been a week and a half since I last played though, so that will be what I use for my excuse this morning.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot Stuff Ahead?

Could it be that the hottest weather of the summer season is going to be here by early next week? It is starting to look that way, as the heat from the nation's midsection gets shoved back to the west. Stay tuned for updates into the weekend. For now...enjoy the rather mild mid August conditions...with highs in the low to mid 80s the next couple of days under a mostly sunny sky.

Note: My buddy Brady is back in town, so I am sure that there will be lots of things to write about in the coming days.

Weather Update

While much of the rest of the country sizzles and wilts in the summer heat it is rather refreshing around here today. The year without a winter and then the year without a summer continues. Back in what was supposed to be winter we had virtually no snow, and now in what is supposed to be summer we have had virtually no heat. In each case, not too many people are complaining.

Today the temperatures are slowly rising through the low to mid 70s, and there have been a few sprinkles around. As we head into the evening scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms will be firing up over the mountains, but here in the bottom lands we should stay dry. For the rest of the week the weather will be quiet and dry, sunny, and increasingly warm. By the weekend into next week most will probably call it hot. Perhaps we might have some sizzling summer weather after all! Anyway, highs tomorrow should be in the low 80s, then the mid to upper 80s on Friday, and into the low 90s Saturday and Sunday. It looks like we will have mid 90s early next week. The skies will be generally clear, but we will have to be on the lookout for any smoke and haze that might drift in from distant fires.

Finally, if you are wondering why there have been no Brady updates, or reports from my tennis posse, they are all missing in action. It seems its the season for everyone to travel, so Brady has been gone since Saturday, and who knows were the guys are that I play tennis their ages they probably don't even know!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colors of Summer

Today ended quite colorful, with a beautiful sunset, and beans from the garden...multicolored...for dinner. That wasn't the only course though, it complimented fish and Greek salad. The weather today was quite pleasant. The temperatures were in the 70s through the day and the sky contained a mix of clouds and sun. There were a few showers nearby, but they generally stayed to the west and north of us. Tomorrow looks like another partly cloudy day, with a sprinkle or two in the area, mainly over the mountains, and then things will be heating up.
From this time forward I am going to be making a commitment to provide a weather forecast each and every morning, since the quality of forecasts in this area that are available by way of the conventional media are abysmal! Tell your friends, neighbors, family and anybody else that you come in contact with that this service is coming to everyone and anyone free of charge. maybe I can get the number of followers up to a million!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Unbelievable...just unbelievable! That has been the pace of life since returning from the lake on Friday. I would just like to report that I am still alive, in spite of the fact that I have not posted a word since Wednesday. There is finally going to be an opportunity to slow down a bit, and the week ahead is looking a whole lot less hectic. That's a good thing! Trying to get a week's worth of work done in a day and a half is not necessarily a good idea.

With that in mind, let's focus on what is coming up rather than what is in the past. I am two weeks away from completing my first year of seminary training. When things wrap up at the end of next week I will have a little over a month off from school, and will be looking forward to a second trip to the campus in Fort Wayne, IN to kick off the second year. That will take place in the final few days of September and the first couple of October. We (Kay, Beth and I) will be leaving next Wednesday, August 18th, to head back toward the Fatherland of Wisconsin and Minnesota, first to take part in my parent's 60th wedding anniversary celebration on the 21st, and then to deposit Beth at school. She will be starting her 2nd year at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN on August 26th. On the way back we will be making stops in Denver and Sheridan, WY to visit friends.

Taking a quick look at the weather that is coming up things look comfortable for the next couple of days, with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies on Monday and Tuesday. It will be getting a bit hotter for the second half of the week, and we should be up to or slightly above 90 from Wednesday through Friday. From there it will cool down slightly, back into the 80s, for next Saturday and Sunday. Now that we are headed toward the middle of August the days are numbered for extreme heat, and it looks like we will not have to deal with that this year. I just hope that summer doesn't end too got started awfully late this year...and an early fall turns into a long winter. With an La Nina developing out in the Pacific the prospects for a long and snowy winter ahead are increasing. More on that in the days, weeks and months ahead!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures From the Priest

Priest Lake that is. We got here late yesterday afternoon, and headed out fishing in the evening. The second cast netted my about a 2 pound mackinaw (lake trout). That was all the 3 of us...myself, Dan and Arlen...brought in. This morning Arlen caught another mac, a little bit bigger, and all I got was a squawfish. Arlen also hooked into something a lot bigger, but the doggone fish went under a submerged limb and from there the fight was wins. Whatever it was fought a lot harder than a mac, so it would have been nice to see what it was.
The weather has been very hazy...smoky...due to fires burning to the north, over southern B.C. Today the winds aloft have shifted, and are coming up more from the south...which has pushed the smoke farther to the north again. That has left the sky clear and blue again. Most of the storms should stay to our west through tomorrow so we'll be doing more fishing...this afternoon for Kokanee (beer that is) and then back out for macs tonight.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Smoking Section

Okay...this is my second shot at this post...the internet ate my first one! Anyway, today was technically a sunny day, but due to smoke from fires burning in southern British Columbia, Canada the sky was not blue but rather a pale gray. Since the weather pattern is not going to change much over the next couple of days we will probably have to breath those "hosers" second hand smoke for awhile. Kay and I will be heading for Priest Lake in extreme northern Idaho tomorrow afternoon, and will stay until Friday, so lung cancer may be in our future.
Since we will be in such a remote location the frequency of my bloggery may decrease. I must admit though, that the frequency has already went in the toilet, so I might just be looking for an excuse to cover my slackery. This trip is not technically a vacation, so I will have my laptop with me to cover my responsibilities of work and school, so if there is a wi-fi network available I will post pictures and experiences from the land of the baked potato. This is going to be a working vacation...yeah...right!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

On The Water

After another good morning at church...this was our day! Thanks David and Laurie, we had a wonderful time at Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake.