Monday, August 23, 2010

At The Mall

Since we have been spending a few days out in the wilderness there availability of Internet services has been nil. Today we have driven down from Reedsburg to Madison, WI to see some of the local sites, and reconnect with some of our old favorites...we lived here through the 80s...and our first stop was the Hilldale Mall so that I could pirate somebody's wireless network. We will soon be heading for State Street, to view the local color and have a little lunch, and from there it is a tour of the convention center on the Lakefront. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is a pretty impressive edifice.

The 60th anniversary celebration on Saturday went very well, the heat and humidity, and all of the people in the house made it impossible for the air conditioner to keep up, but that was the only downside. As we were preparing things on Friday a fantastic thunderstorm rolled through about 2:30 in the afternoon. As per Toby Keith's new song "Trailerhood" we grabbed a six pack and a lawn chair and headed for the driveway to watch it roll in. You really should see the video of that song...check out you'll understand the method to our madness.

Well, time to roll on. When I next check in will likely be Tuesday night from Omaha. The weather has been good here, and it should be good in Spokane for the next couple of days, warming up a bit once again.

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