Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Quick Update

Just got time to check in...I am now in the Reedsburg, WI Public Library after spending the past 4 days up at Post Lake.  It was fantastic, thanks to the hospitality of my brother Dave.  I think he had a good time too.  The weather has been very pleasant, mostly in the 80s and a touch on the humid side, with the only rain coming last Saturday, as we spent the day traveling, and then a little last night, while we were sleeping.  From here it is looking good through the weekend.  We are headed for the New Glarus Brewing Company tomorrow, after a quick stop at the Carr Valley Cheese Factory for fresh curds (squeaky cheese), Baumgartener's Cheese Store and Tavern in Monroe, WI, then on to Chicagoland.  We start heading west again on Saturday, with our sights set on Yellowstone by Sunday night. 

I'll Check in again when I can.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Made It To Wisconsin

We rolled in late yesterday afternoon, after a couple of days on the road.  The first day...Wednesday...was only a 970 mile jaunt from Spokane to Bismarck, ND.  Along the way I saw 2 antelope, 2 white-tail deer, and a dead moose.  That's about it.  Oh yeah, there were more than 400,000 squashed bugs on the wind shield.

Today we have to try to pack nearly all of Beth's earthly belongings into the Family Truckster so that we can deliver them, and her, to school tomorrow in St. Paul.  From there it's on to the Lake...Post Lake in northcentral Wisconsin for a few days of R & R and fishing for a few "bottle bass".  We'll see how that goes!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hittin' the Road

Early (very early) tomorrow morning we will be loading up the Family Truckster and heading out for points east...a lot of points.  Our final destination is Minnesota and Wisconsin, with the purpose of the trip to deliver our sweet little daughter Beth, and another very sizable chunk of our life's savings to Concordia University in St. Paul, MN for another year of higher education.  After we dump her out, I mean move her in, we will be heading to Hodag Country in north central Wisconsin for some R & R at my brother Dave's place on Post Lake.  From there it will be off to Reedsburg, WI, then the New Glarus Brewing Company, Baumgartener's Cheese Store and Tavern in Monroe, WI and then Chicago.  On the way back we are going to hit Yellowstone for a day and perhaps take a mudbath.  All in all this excursion should last a couple of weeks, but I am sure that the memories will last a lifetime.  Today I am at the church furiously trying to finish all that needs to be finished before we leave...a goal that I am sure to fall short of.  By sometime late this evening I might have the opportunity to start thinking about what I may want to take along.

As I mentioned last week, our tennis sessions were turning into wars.  It was that way all week long as Jim filled in for one of the regulars, John, as he was off in Montana trying to connect with the fish.  Most all of our sets were grueling affairs that ended in tie breakers and exhaustion.  Well, John returned yesterday (I wonder if he still smells like fish today),  and he seemed like his old "happy" self.  I'm not sure where I want to put the emphasis...on old or on happy.  Anyway, as John rejoined us our matches went from the power game back to a more cerebral type.  That always makes my head hurt.  The way I play tennis can never be described as cerebral!  Each morning, Monday...Wednesday...and Friday...I do more dumb things than most people can in a lifetime.  In spite of that, things turned out okay.  I didn't get my butt kicked until the 3rd set.  Now I will be away from the posse for a couple of weeks, a reality that I am sure that they will be reveling in.

So, off I go, across the wilds of Idaho, Montana and North Dakota in the next couple of days, with my sights set on Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I'll have some reports from the road, and maybe even a picture or two...if I feel like it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Pinnochio!

"I got no strings to hold me down.  I'm not tied up to anyone.  I got no strings on me!"

 That's the song that the wooden puppet sings when he magically becomes a little boy.  No, the reference to Pinnochio is that I have a really big nose...although that is the truth, and judging from my dad it's only going to get bigger...but rather that I am now unattached.  That would be in terms of my internet service.

In the interest of providing the very best in blog service my household has gone wireless as of about noon today.  No I can haul my laptop all around the house, or to the front porch (where I am now) and report all the goings on from my perspective.  You wouldn't expect me to use your perspective, now would you?  This should increase the frequency of the flow of information as now I don't have to sit on a hard and uncomfortable wooden kitchen chair in order to make these wonderful posts, but rather I can do it from the comfort of anywhere in the house, or the neighborhood...we'll see how far the range on the old router might be.  Perhaps I can post from the local watering hole?

Let's see...what is there to report...well, the Monday tennis session featured some spirited competition.  One of the regular members of the posse is off in Montana threatening fish this week so we have welcomed Jim into our midst, along with myself, Bill and the Hammer..  Jim is a pretty good player, and our session turned into all out least I thought so as I (along with the Hammer) was slaughtered in the 1st set.  Bill and I came back to take the second in what turned out to be a grinder.  We had played 8 games and settled absolutely nothing (the score was 4 to 4) before the good guys won a couple in a row to take the set 6-4.  That left us only enough time to play a couple of games and a tiebreaker in the 3rd, which my team came up a bit short in.  Tomorrow we'll have the same group together to do battle again.

A week from today we will be hitting the road for our annual August trip to dump the kid out at school, along with the bulk of our life savings.  We will be leaving early next Wednesday morning and cruising to Bismarck, North Dakota.  A distance of only about 950 miles.  We have to take the northern route as next week is Bike Week in Sturgis, South Dakota, and I don't want to get anywhere near that.  It's like driving in a constant swarm of flies.  On top of that it costs about $300 a night to get a room anywhere along I-90 from Gillette, WY all the way to Mitchell, SD.  The next day we'll drop in on the folk's place in Wisconsin, then spend a day trying to load all of our sweet little daughter's possessions into the Family Truckster (they've summered in my parent's basement).  We drop her off a week from Saturday before heading for Post Lake, Wisconsin to threaten a few fish of our own.