Friday, August 13, 2010

Crystal Clear Blue

I was driving along Government Way earlier this morning and looking out toward Mt. Spokane. The air today is so clear and clean you can almost count the individual trees on the mountainside some 20 miles away! It is going to be a beautiful afternoon, not too hot, which is good since I have a ton of yard work to catch up on. Temperatures will end up in the low to middle 80s by 4 to 5 this afternoon, and from there they will be inching up a little bit each day into early next week. Tomorrow will be a sunny day with afternoon temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80s, after starting in the upper 50s early in the day. On Sunday we should crack 90 degrees, and then we will be in the middle 90s Monday and Tuesday. Overnight lows will be rising into the 60s so it will be a bit more uncomfortable for sleeping without the aid of air conditioning. When we have a hot spell its easy to tell the folks that don't have AC...they're the grumpy ones!

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