Monday, August 2, 2010

Smoking Section

Okay...this is my second shot at this post...the internet ate my first one! Anyway, today was technically a sunny day, but due to smoke from fires burning in southern British Columbia, Canada the sky was not blue but rather a pale gray. Since the weather pattern is not going to change much over the next couple of days we will probably have to breath those "hosers" second hand smoke for awhile. Kay and I will be heading for Priest Lake in extreme northern Idaho tomorrow afternoon, and will stay until Friday, so lung cancer may be in our future.
Since we will be in such a remote location the frequency of my bloggery may decrease. I must admit though, that the frequency has already went in the toilet, so I might just be looking for an excuse to cover my slackery. This trip is not technically a vacation, so I will have my laptop with me to cover my responsibilities of work and school, so if there is a wi-fi network available I will post pictures and experiences from the land of the baked potato. This is going to be a working vacation...yeah...right!

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