Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Very Long Day

After 900 miles and going to the wrong hotel, we are finally settled in for the night in Rapid City, SD. There are two establishments of the same national hotel chain, and we first went to the one that had never heard of us. After about a 10 minute additional trip we made it to the one who knew our name. The trip was actually pretty uneventful, as there were no grinding wrecks to avoid and no large cloven hoofed mammals unexpectedly jumped out in front of us. We did actually let Beth drive the Family Truckster for an about an hour and a half, from Livingston to Billings, MT. It too went pretty well. The only problem is that I chewed my fingernails all the way up to the elbow!

I'll try to check in tomorrow.


  1. Well I'll be damned,,,,,,,,,,Kay let you drive the Element?, I know she let Beth drive but just for a short distance..did she allow you to drive most of the way? Wow, your a lucky

  2. Larry...I do most of the driving, Kay and Beth are there for relief when the eyes start getting "blinky". Yesterday Beth learned, the hard way, that you don't drive over those large shards of truck tire that are often encountered in the middle of the highway.