Sunday, August 15, 2010

House Full of Girls!

Having completed a full summer of work at Camp Lutherhaven Beth came home today for a 3 day vacation before we all hit the road to take her back to school in St. Paul, MN. She brought with her a couple of camp friends that she made before they were to fly out of Spokane back to their homes. Evie was to leave late this afternoon, headed to San Francisco, and Kristin will be leaving tomorrow morning headed for Wisconsin. As it turns out Evie's flight out of Spokane International was canceled due to what was claimed to be illness on the part of the pilot, so off we went, back to the airport, to retrieve her until she can wing her way back home tomorrow morning. The bottom line is that we have a house full of girls and their stuff...but who's complaining! After returning from the airport, with Evie in tow, we fired up the grill and made a very nice dinner of chicken breast, twice baked potatoes, Asian slaw and string beans freshly pulled from the garden. After dinner the young ladies went out to the hot tub...Kay took the picture...and now they have all turned in for the night.
Up until this evening the weekend had been rather quiet and might even call it boring. My little 4 year old buddy Brady from across the street was gone with his family at Lake Pend Orielle (pronounced "Pond-oray" for those who are not from around these parts), but as of this evening they have returned. I am looking forward to hearing about his battles with snakes, sharks and interstellar invaders while away at the lake, and we will probably be playing a little baseball before we hit the road on Wednesday.

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