Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Easing Into Things

A new "work" week has begun, and all is quiet so far. I will not be leading the services this coming Sunday, our delivering the message, so I hope that I can catch up on the pile of stuff that has been building up on my desk, which is now only slightly smaller than Mount Rainier. Work has resumed, as it usually does every Tuesday, on the construction site. The latest word from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle is that Mark is still doing well, and if he hasn't already been moved, he will be moving into a private room out of the ICU. We have learned that he will be there for awhile, possibly as long as 2 months as recovering from serious burns takes a long time to happen. His spirits are good and he still thinks that he will be back to work Friday. They have him on some "really good" pain meds. Liz has found a place where she can park their RV and stay while Mark is recovering, so one of the other Laborers will be driving it over to Seattle one of these days.

It is a beautiful morning weather-wise, sunny and pleasant. Our afternoon will be warm, up to the low 80s, and tomorrow even warmer. Wednesday afternoon will bring temperatures to the upper 80s again, where the normal right now is in the mid 70s. Again, I am hoping for a few showers later this week. I don't expect much more than a few.

Empty Nester' Note: One of the major changes that I have noticed since Beth has gone off to school is that our milk consumption has dropped to a gallon about every week and a half. That is down from 3 and a half cows per day!

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