Sunday, October 25, 2009

White As Snow

This morning as I came down off of the South Hill into the Latah Valley, heading for the church, the scene was a winter wonderland. The frost was heavier than I think that I have ever seen before, so much that it looked like snow. The temperature in the valley at 7:30am was 25, according to the car thermometer, while at the airport it was 29 degrees. I know that it didn't snow as the sky was clear all night. Clouds will be spreading over the area today, and rain comes in tonight. The temperatures again today will be well up into the 50s so it should be another nice late October day. Yesterday I was noticing how beautiful the trees looked with the colored leaves and the sun lighting them up.

Today we celebrate the Lutheran Reformation, when Martin Luther told the Pope where he could stick it. Well, not really, but he did try to get the Pope's attention concerning the movement of the church away from the true Word of God. The result was the Pope throwing Martin out of the club, giving rise to the Lutheran Church. It was at this time that the "Pot Luck" dinner was born.

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