Friday, October 9, 2009

Record Lows Tonight

It is already down near freezing, and the time is 10:00pm. By morning the temperature will be at 20 degrees or below. That's record cold for October. I got the sprinkler system winterized today, and brought in the lemon tree and hibiscus bush. Winter seems to be coming on early this year. Actually, it isn't winter, but a typical October cold snap. It is just that this one has come a little earlier than normal, and is a little more intense than usual. The question is, does this mean that we are in for a cold winter? The answer to that question is; not necessarily. We have had some very cold Octobers that have been followed by mild winters in the past 10 years, so we can't really read too much into this. There is still an El Nino situation out over the Pacific and that nearly always means a milder than average winter with below average snowfall. After the past two winters we can sure use a break.

Its been quite a day. It all started early this morning with tennis. I played well, but the guys played better. Tuck was on fire. The bottom line was that I got another butt kicking, as usual. After that there was a lot to do, but I think most everything on the agenda was accomplished. This evening we got the opportunity to catch up with Larry and Darlene Moore, who are up from Boise to visit our neighbors Jason and Sherilyn Moore, son and daugther-in-law. Larry brought me a Boise State hat, which I will proudly wear whenever the Wisconsin Badgers are not playing. They are playing tomorrow at Ohio State, so GO BADGERS, bring home a victory!!! I also had the opportunity to have a Facebook chat with my precious daughter's "boyfriend" John. He seems like a very nice young man, but I still have a lot to learn in that regard. While we were chatting it really freaked Beth out. I get the feeling that she kind of likes this young man. She is my only daughter, the apple of my eye, so pardon me if I am a little bit protective.

The weather forecast remains as posted earlier, very cold and dry. We will no doubt be setting records over the next few nights as temperatures fall into the teens, and the all-time records are in the low to mid 20s right now. The normal high temperatures are in the low 60s, and with forecast highs in the mid to upper 40s we will be a good 15 to 18 degrees below normal.

Bundle up and stay warm! Go Badgers!!!

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