Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank God For SLC!

After flying through 5 airports I have finally found one that offers free wireless internet. Salt Lake City International Airport I salute you. SAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-LUTE!!! This will make my nearly 4 hour layover much more bearable. I just got off of a commuter jet, a CRJ 70 seater from Chicago. This is a much smaller aircraft than one would expect to fly all the way from Chicago to Salt Lake, so I was crammed in like a sardine. I really detest sardines. For about the last half hour my left knee was really barking at me. The flight to Spokane will be on a large jet, so it should be more comfortable. All in all the travel has gone very smoothly. I really enjoyed my time in Fort Wayne, but I will be very glad to get home.

The weather here is beautiful, bright sunshine. It is about 60 degrees out there, but that doesn’t really matter since I won’t be going outside. In the Lilac City it is cool and cloudy, with showers in the area. This is a trend that will be hanging on through the weekend. The wettest time will be from Saturday evening through the night. Daily maximum temperatures will continue to be in the 50s. Next week holds the promise of nicer weather as the sun returns. That will help warm it up too. We could even get back up to 70, at least briefly, by about Thursday.

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