Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Could Be A Long Day

The alarm went off at 7:00 this morning, but my brain has yet to respond. I came downstairs and started to make coffee. All was going well, the water went into the coffee maker, the beans were ground and the filter was out. The problem is that I dumped the coffee out of the grinder and into the coffee maker a little before I put the filter in. Undaunted, I then put the ground coffee into the filter and washed out the container that the two rest in to make a perfect brew. When I went to place the filter, now with coffee grounds, into that container the coffee left the filter and again slid directly into the container. Uff Dah!!! I'll spare you the details, but at this time I think that I finally have gotten things right.

If this is a harbinger of what the rest of the day will be I am in trouble. I might as well go back to bed. That is definitely a temptation. I guess the optimist in me says things will get better. They have to, it can't get much worse.

It is clear and chilly right now...27 degrees. There is talk of snow tomorrow in the area, just a little in the city and a lot more to our north. To me it looks like the precipitation will be slow to materialize, and might not come until noon or after. At this time of the year that will lessen the chance for any snow in the lower elevations, and mostly rain will fall. For the mountains its a different story. I'll have more on (moron? who's a moron? That would be me!) that later today.

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