Friday, October 23, 2009

Its Friday!

Hallelujah...Friday has has more rain. I don't mind the rain at all though, its better than snow, so I say "bring it on!" That's the way it is going to be today. I just peeked at the radar and there is a whole bunch of it heading in this direction. Wet, cool and gray, that's what we'll get all day. Tomorrow is looking brighter. Behind this wet weather system there should be a pretty good breeze from the west and southwest tomorrow. That should keep things stirred up enough to prevent the fog from forming so I am optimistic that the sun will shine. Highs today will only be near 50 degrees, and tomorrow in the low 50s. Sunday should be a mostly cloudy day with a few light rain showers in the area. Temperatures will stay about the same.

This morning at tennis I am going to smuggle my camera in so I can get pictures of the guys, Tuck, John and Bill, to post them here tonight. That way you can see who these guys are that are regularly giving me a butt whoopin'. Today is lab day in my meteorology class so I get to just sit there while the group works on the torture...I mean assignment...that I put together for them. I am hoping that the rain gets out of here by evening affording me the opportunity to take in a high school football game. I want to go, but I am not going to sit in a cold rain. I have done that too many times before.

Okay cruel world...give me your best shot!

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