Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where Did The Day Go?

Here it is, almost 10:30 in the evening, and I am writing the first post of the day on the blog. I're saying to yourself...get with it you slacker! There just hasn't been time to do it until now. As usual, it was a full morning at church. I was involved in both services, and in between we had an open forum on what our schedule will be when we move into the church building. The space will be a whole lot larger, and the congregation really wants to get back to one service every Sunday morning to rebuild the togetherness that comes from seeing everybody together at the same time. All of that impacts the Sunday School time and the fellowship time and everything else. We had a good discussion and I think that we are all pretty much on the same page.

After church it was off to the gym for basketball. I officiated three games this afternoon and evening. I had the same partner for all 3 games, and while being a very pleasant guy to deal with he was not all that good of an official. That really didn't have that great of an impact until the last game of the 3, when we had the tournament championship of the 7th grade girls bracket. These kids really know how to play, and are well coached, so it is up to us to do our best to officiate the games well. My partner missed a lot of calls in the first half, and the coaches were not happy, to say the least. Most coaches have no clue what it is like to be a game official. We look at things in a totally different way than the players, coaches and fans, and have very specified areas of responsibility, things that we are supposed to watch based upon where we are stationed on the court. In the second half I decided to take control of the game, and try to make more of the calls, even if they weren't necessarily in the areas of my responsibility. It was a physical game, with lots of reaching, grabbing and slapping, so a lot of fouls were called. As I mentioned, this was the championship game of the weekend tournament so the two teams were quite talented, and evenly matched. The game ended up tied at the end of regulation, and again after the first overtime, and also the second. One team was down to 5 players at that time due to injury, and two of them fouled out in the third overtime, which contributed to their defeat. I felt bad for them, but my job is to enforce the rules in a consistent manner. By the time that I got out of the gym it was 7:00pm. I had some prep work to do for my meteorology class tomorrow, and then we actually found time for a little dinner. All of that brings me to the present time. I still have to collect up all of the trash and get it out to the street for pick up tomorrow. Oh yes, tomorrow, there is a lot more to be done then too.

Now then, what about the weather? It was another nice sunny day today, and should be again tomorrow. All in all this week looks very quiet. There may be a few sprinkles by about Friday, but in the meantime we should enjoy pretty tranquil weather through the middle of the week. The days will be partly to mostly sunny with highs near 50 through Wednesday and Thursday. There will probably be some valley fog early in the mornings, but it should burn a way by mid-morning.

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