Friday, November 6, 2009

Time For Pictures

It has been a while since I posted pictures of the new church building so I am including them tonight. The exterior is getting the final paint job, and the interior of the sanctuary and fellowship hall is now insulated with the drywall starting to go in next week. The drywall project will take about three weeks, and then all that will remain is the finishing work. I am still hoping and praying that we will be in the new church building by Christmas. Your prayers will be a big help too.
This morning's tennis outing was not the abject disaster that I feared. I played fairly well, although not as well as Wednesday. Overall the 4 of us played a very competitive hour and a half of tennis, which makes it fun for everyone. That is the main reason that I play with my posse every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, because it is a lot of fun. I really enjoy my time with Tuck, John and Bill, they are a great group of guys and I love to hear their stories! I would like to put out a request for prayer. Tuck is having a medical procedure done on Monday. I don't think that it is going to be a big deal, but anytime you undergo surgery there is some risk. Please pray that Tuck comes through completely and comfortably. He is not going to be able to play with us for the next week or so, and I know that we are going to be happy to see him back with us.
The wind of the day has finally died down. The power went out at the church for a couple of hours earlier today. I think that it was about 10:30am when we lost it. Over the weekend it is going to be cool and damp. More rain should be arriving early tomorrow, and then on and off showers will persist through Sunday into early next week. Tomorrow morning we are going to have a men's breakfast at church, so I can test the Bible study that I wrote for my seminary class. I have 3 basketball games to officiate tomorrow afternoon, and after a full morning of church, I'm preaching, and Sunday School Sunday morning I have a basketball officials meeting Sunday afternoon. It is going to be a full weekend!

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