Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Knees Are Barking!

I have come to the end of another day. It is really hard to tell which day it is sometimes. We had our men's breakfast this morning which turned out to be great, and then it was time to run up and down a basket ball court chasing 5th grade boys all afternoon. The breakfast drew 9 guys, which was about as many as I had food for. My Bible study took a little longer than what I had anticipated, but it was well received. Afterwards I had to write up the comments that were given by the participants, and then it was home to put on my striped shirt and head for the gym. I did 3 games today and the first one took forever. It was a foul fest. The next two weren't as bad so I did manage to get out of there on time, at about 5:00pm.

We cooked Asian food this evening, a recipe from Bali, and a couple of Chinese entrees. It all turned out to be good, but the one from Bali seemed to be missing something. I am looking forward to a piece of pumpkin pie, which we made last night, before I head off to bed. That will be soon since I am preaching tomorrow and leading the services. I have a basketball officials meeting at 3:30 in the afternoon. I also have to turn in the final version of my Bible study to be graded tomorrow afternoon so it will be another busy day.

It is trying to spit a little bit of rain outside right now. Snow continues to fall up over the mountains but here in the low lands there is not much going on except the wind. It is still pretty blustery out there, but not all that cold. Tomorrow will likely bring more rain and it will be a cool day. It still looks like Monday will be drier and sunnier.

One final note... my Alma mater, Wisconsin, came out victorious again today in football. They are now 7 and 2 for the year, which is better than the pre-season expectations. That will allow me to sleep in a good mood tonight.

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