Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here I Am!

It has been since Friday that I have reported in. A lot has been happening since then, which may be why I haven't reported in. Saturday marked the 28th anniversary of the wedding of Kay and I. We don't usually do a whole lot for anniversaries...except maybe the big ones, so yesterday there wasn't all that much that was expected. Low expectations...I like that...never raise the bar too high! Anyway...we did go out for a late lunch, and then take a nap. The couple of glasses of wine may have had something to do with that, as well as the fact that we had a designated driver. There are benefits to having the youngster back in the nest, at least for awhile.

Today being Sunday of course there was church this morning, and we will be headed back there shortly. We are having our Sunday evening contemporary service this evening, which we hold the 4th Sunday evening of each month. We are kind of experimenting with this at the present time, that's why only once a month. It seems that our congregation has been skewing kind of old for the last 100 years in terms of the age demographics. Now that we are situated in an area where most folks are not quite so old we thought maybe it might be good to move out of our comfort zone and do things a little differently, at least on occasion. I get the sinking feeling that I will be there, along with Kay and Beth, our musicians, the Haas family will be there, and that will be about hit. I hope and pray that this is not the case, but most of the members of our church, being in the more seasoned demographic, don't find the more modern music and relaxed style their cup of tea. I guess we will find out if my predictions for church attendance are any more reliable than my predictions of weather were.

Speaking of hasn't rained today, at least not yet. That gave me the opportunity to mow the back hayfield, and we even got most of the garden planted. The tomatoes and peppers are in, along with the carrots, beans, lettuce and kohlrabi (I know what it is but I can't spell it...thank you spell check!) We'll see if it all grows, and if we can stay ahead of the weeds! The weather lately has been pretty lousy, chilly and wet. It should be getting a little bit warmer in the next few days. Today we have been fighting our way toward 60, which isn't bad, and by Tuesday and Wednesday we may even be back near 70 degrees. There have been a few showers in the area this afternoon, but the next few days are looking drier.

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