Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frog Choker!

It has been one wet day! At the airport the rain in the bucket measures 7 tenths of an inch. I do believe that it has been quite a bit more across the southern part of the metro area, well over an inch (My unofficial bucket measured 1.06"). In the midst of it all I was out in the elements cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for the preschool end of the year barbecue. Today was the last day of school for the little kiddies. Thankfully, the church has a number of pavilion style tents. I brought one down from the garage above the church and managed to stay dry as I grilled in the midst of the monsoon. Actually, it was not at all a monsoon. A monsoon is the term that relates to a seasonal reversal of the prevailing wind direction, which often leads to very wet weather. For example, in the winter the winds in the Indian subcontinent generally blow down from the Himalaya Mountain range across the land area and out to sea. That combination of down slope wind coming from a landlocked area is very dry. In the summer the wind reverses, coming off of the Indian Ocean and blowing up slope toward the mountains. The result is a moisture laden flow of air blowing uphill that releases boatloads of moisture in the form of constant and heavy rain. There is your meteorological lesson for this evening.

Looking ahead toward the Memorial Day weekend the trend of generally lousy weather that has been with us for the months of April and May will continue. While it won't be as wet as today, there will still be showers tomorrow and a few on Saturday. It should be a little milder due to the fact that there won't be as much rain, but still below average for late May. Tomorrow we might just get close to the middle 50s, and on Saturday maybe...just maybe...60 degrees. Sunday and Monday are looking a little better. It should be dry with highs in the mid to upper 60s.

Note: A hearty welcome to Larry and Darlene Moore (My little buddy Brady's grampa and grandma) who arrived today from Boise for the weekend. The big event will be Brady's 4th birthday party on Saturday.

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