Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brady's Birthday Bash

Yesterday we celebrated my buddy Brady's 4th birthday. Actually, his birthday is still a couple of days off, but it was Saturday and that is reason enough to celebrate. In reality Brady has been 4 for the purposes of skiing for over 6 months, but that is a whole different story! The event started off with the kid's party in the afternoon...that would explain the jump castle, although some of the took their turns during the adult portion of the party that took place in the evening. Anyway, the castle was a big hit, but the bigger hit were the bicycles (with training wheels), scooters and the Cadillac Escalade that the kids used to unintentionally kill each other. Fortunately no one was permanently maimed. The weather could have been a bit more cooperative as it was a chilly and windy afternoon, but as soon as the kiddies left the party moved indoors, or two the back porch where the heaters were, and that made for a more comfortable time. Up at the top of this post you will notice Brady's grandpa Larry. He is enjoying his very first piece of sushi...very good stuff. I'm not sure who had more fun yesterday, Brady or grandpa Larry. My bet is that they finished in a tie.
Earlier in the day we had a "Weed and Feed" Session at the church. That is where you get a bunch of volunteers together to pull weed out of all of the planting beds around the church, and then feed them because you had to bribe them with something to get them to show up. It was actually a pot-luck brunch affair, so everyone brought something to contribute to the meal. As usual the food was great and as for the got done. It seems when the landscaping was put in the weed barrier may have been an afterthought so the native grasses were staging an uprising. Now that they are cleaned up we will wait a week or two until the little guys rear their heads again then we will hit 'em with round up.
Church will be happening in a couple of hours. Today we celebrate Memorial Day along with Trinity Sunday. It will make for a nice mix of songs and in the message. Today should also be the best day of the weekend as far as the weather is concerned. It is rather cloudy right now, but we are in for on and off sunshine today, and no rain. Temperatures will get into the mid 60s this afternoon. The rain will be back again for tomorrow...and Tuesday...and Wednesday...and Thursday...You get the picture! There are still no signs of summer's immanent arrival.

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