Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Plain Lousy! (I was going to use the word "crappy" but that might be a little rough!)

Yesterday was gray, drippy and chilly, with a high temperature of only 63. If anything, today will be even grayer drippier and chillier, as we might not get above 60! C'mon! This is only the beginning of September! It's way too early for the weather to be depressing. I guess the Seasonal Affective Disorder will be kicking in early this year.

Looking forward there is not a lot to look forward to. We will be staying cool and mainly cloudy with a few drips and dribbles of rain into tomorrow, and then just cool and mainly cloudy into the weekend. Temperatures probably won't reach back into the 70s until early next week so sweatshirts and sweaters will be replacing tank tops and t-shirts.

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