Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Bloggin' Time!

Friday is winding down. Its just about Miller time. Do I have any Miller? I might have to go to the store. Anyway, a lot has been accomplished today, although the pile on the plate was bigger than expected due to some of the goings on around the church office earlier in the week. The service for Sunday has been planned and written, and the first draft of the sermon is in the bag. It is titled "Flexibly Rigid". Tomorrow will be set up day for a semi-outdoor contemporary worship on Sunday morning, and a special missionary presentation in the church basement during the Bible study hour. I can't really set up until after 1:00pm though, as the regular Saturday Pot Luck Lunch will be taking place in the garage. MMM...Pot might consider adding that to your Saturday plans if it isn't already. Just come on down to where the new church is under construction here at St. John's Lutheran along US Highway 195. You can't miss it as the building just keeps getting bigger, and the smell of all sorts of good food will be filling the air.

I talked very briefly to Beth late this afternoon. She said that she was eating dinner, and couldn't talk much. The allure of brussel sprouts must have been too much to pass up. She told Kay that there was no way that she could be homesick because college life is fantastic. That is after just 2 days of classes, so we will have to see if that feeling lasts. Kay started shoveling out Beth's room this morning, while I was getting my backside whipped at tennis. She didn't find too much gross stuff "stuffed" into drawers and chests, and under the bed, just a few undergarments and remnants of what might have been last Thanksgiving dinner.

As I look out the window the sky has become very cloudy. The official high temperature today was 96 degrees, with Spokane Valley hitting 99. Late tonight there will very likely be a band of showers and a few thunderstorms coming our way, with much cooler temperatures and scattered showers tomorrow. Instead of dealing with mid to upper 90s, like today, we will probably see temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. There will be some sun at times, but the clouds will probably be building in the late afternoon into a few thunderstorms again. Sunday should be another cool day, we may not make it to 80 again, with a clouds and a few showers still in the area.

"I don't wanna' work...I only wanna' bang on the drum all day!" Its the weekend...WhooHoo!

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