Sunday, June 6, 2010

What An Idiot!

There was a lot going on at church this morning. Today marked the season ending choir performance, in which we were presenting 6 songs in the service. These were the ones that the choir members had voted as our favorites of all that we had sung since last September. On top of that we had a baptism and since this was the first Sunday of the month of June it was also a communion service. Needless to say...but I'll say it was just plain crazy leading up to service time. Just a minute or two before we were to begin I discovered that my choir music folder was missing in action. After a few minutes of frantic searching all over the church building I found it in the audio-visual room, where I had left it while showing one of our to run the video system. With that crisis solved I confidently entered the church to begin the service, just a minute or two after our appointed start time of 9:30am. It was all good until we started our opening song and I discovered that my reading glasses were nowhere to be found. Now up until about 5 years ago that would not have been a problem. I have always had eyes like a hawk! I can see a mosquito sitting on the head of a pin 8 miles away. In recent years though I have discovered that I can't read anything that is less than 2 feet in front of my face without some sort of artificial magnification. Have you ever found yourself standing naked in the middle of the busiest intersection in town? Well...neither have I, but I am sure that what I was feeling this morning was just about the same thing! How was I going to get out of this mess? After stumbling through the baptism ceremony I made a mad dash for my office as the rest of the choir gathered in the front of the church for our second song of the day. Sure enough...there were my glasses lying on my desk, and I returned in time to sing along. From this day forward there will be an extra pair of reading glasses sitting on the little table that is next my chair up in the altar area of the church.

Late this afternoon we hosted the annual end of the year choir party at our house. To my amazement I got very little grief about this mornings foible. We cooked a turkey and the rest of the choir members brought side dishes. The turkey turned out excellent, but the desserts stole the show. I am going to be wearing the banana chocolate roll and the bundt cake with kalua icing around my midsection for quite some time to come. Toward the end of the evening my little buddy Brady came over to investigate our party guests. Brady just turned 4 (officially) yesterday. To him when the word party is mentioned he wholeheartedly believes that he is the guest of honor, which is okay since he is just about the cutest kid that has ever walked the face of the earth! After the last of the guests left I was hauling the garbage bin out to the street. Monday is trash day, which is usually the highlight of our week. I was wheeling the bin curbside a strangely familiar person wandered into our driveway. After a few moments of contemplation I identified this person as our long lost neighbor Louis. Very shortly after that Brady emerged from his garage with the question "Who's that guy?" He came running across the street to see just who this might be, and finally came to the realization that he had indeed seen Louis before. Speaking of Brady...he spent the entire day in his pajamas, which for a 4 year old is a pretty cool thing to get to do. I must admit that I am very envious. If I had spent the day in my pajamas, and not gotten out of bed, I probably wouldn't feel near as stupid as I do!

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