Monday, June 14, 2010

Out Of The Hospital

It was just another typical weekend around the Albrecht abode. On Friday evening Beth came home for her day off from Camp Lutherhaven on Lake Coeur d'Alene. She got a ride from a new friend that she had made at the camp, in exchange for her friend being able to stay at our house for a day and sleep in a real bed. Leah...that's what we will call her since her name is Leah...was not feeling well at all. She woke up very early Friday morning, at the camp, feeling nauseous and not able to keep from chucking up the contents of her stomach. Fortunately that did not last long but she felt pretty yucky all day long with stomach pains and chills. When the two of them arrived Friday evening Beth looked through our soup supply and found nothing in the way of chicken noodle, so off she went to Albertsons to get a can. The rest of the evening was pretty quiet. Earlier Friday, which is usually my day off, Kay and I went down to the church so Kay could start setting up the school library. I scrubbed down old dusty bookshelves, her desk and book cart, then I went to work on stuff of my own that I planned to do on Saturday afternoon. This plays into the rest of my story.

We all got up on Saturday morning, an accomplishment in its own right, and Leah reported feeling 75% better. She said her fever broke overnight and she just had some achiness in the midsection on the right side. Her and Beth went to do some shopping, and later to lunch, all while her heath went downhill. Beth thought that all of this sounded appendix related, so after lunch, Beth did nearly all of the eating. The check the symptoms and sure in enough Leah had just about everything related to appendicitis. They went off to urgent care...urgent care sent them to the ER at Deaconess Hospital for a CT scan, and the scan confirmed Beth's diagnosis. An emergency appendectomy would be taking place very soon. I first got word of all of this at about 3:00pm, after officiating a couple of basketball games, and just about to enter Sacred Heart Hospital to visit one of our church members who was back in the hospital with some complications from a knee replacement surgery. He's 86 years old so recovery on this particular knee surgery has been more difficult. After a short visit I headed over to Deaconess, made it past security at the entrance to the ER without getting shot, and spent the next few hours sitting and mainly waiting while the hospital got the operating room ready and while Leah's parents drove up from Kennewick, WA...about two and a half hours away. Just after they arrived Leah went off to have her appendix taken out. I stayed and got acquainted with Bear and Karen for a bit, and then headed for home about 8:00pm or so. Beth followed a little after 9 as the surgery was complete and all seemed to go well.

Yesterday I dropped in at the hospital to check on Leah's recovery...Beth made me promise that I Kay drove Beth back to the camp. The rest of the day was filled with yard work and soaking up the warm sunshine, and then a neighborhood meeting on the porch in the evening. Ahh...summer may finally be here. The weather today will be beautiful again. We will be playing tennis outdoors this week...I'm leaving to receive my regular butt kicking in a few minutes. It will be cooling off some through the middle of the week, with a few showers by Wednesday, so Wednesday's tennis "outing" is looking a little iffy.

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