Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain On Me!

Here it is, late on a Wednesday evening, and I am typing to the sound of raindrops falling on my...lilac bushes. The window above the sink is open and I can hear the drip...drip...drip...on the vegetation. Earlier this evening there were some pretty good thunderstorms to our south and west, but none of that made it to Spokane, just a little rain. Earlier today the heat was on again, after the cooler cloudier weather of yesterday. Today the official high was 91 degrees, and in the middle of the city it was in the middle 90s. The sunshine was abundant until late afternoon.

Today was the final day of the Gonzaga University basketball camp and tournament...the 3rd one of the summer, and the last one. Today was the BIGGEST day for the kids and coaches as they had a single elimination tournament...lose one and you go home...literally. That plus the fact that the kids and coaches have been doing this for 5 days, since Saturday, had everyone one edge. I officiated 3 games today, after 6 yesterday, and I don't know what caused me to lose the most weight, all the running up and down the court, or getting my butt constantly chewed by the participants. There is now a large cavern where my posterior cheeks were formerly located. wasn't that bad...only one coach crossed the line that divides acceptable whining and outright abuse. He got thrown out of not only the gym, but the entire event, so I don't think that I'll stress too much over his conniption.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week I will be back into the regular routine. That means tomorrow will be mostly sermon prep for Sunday, and getting the PowerPoint presentation ready for the service. I smell a stewardship sermon coming on, but please...don't tell any of the church members or no one will show up to hear it. As far as the weather goes for the next few days it is going to be back to the sunny and toasty stuff again. We may see some of these isolated showers and thunderstorms around the area later in the day Saturday into Sunday, but until then it looks dry with afternoon temperatures into the 90s.

One final note...regarding tennis...I sure hope that I won't have to deal with as much grumpiness on Friday morning as I did today. One of the members of my posse...and you know who you are...must have had his shorts on backwards. It better not happen again!

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