Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Folks At Home

I am spending the week in La Crosse, WI visiting my folks...been here since Sunday evening. Three weeks ago my 86 year old dad took a fall in the garage. His foot slid under the door of their van and his knee hit the underside of the frame, breaking the kneecap. He had surgery to repair it two weeks ago and is no in recovery and rehab at the Hillview Care Center, basically a nursing home. My dad had some serious mobility issues before the fall, and I would put the odds that he is able to walk again (with the aid of a walker) at 25% or less. He's losing strength and balance just sitting in a chair or lying in bed all day and night. he does go to physical therapy twice a day but I don't think that it's enough to build any strength. While Im here I am helping them to be more comfortable and happy with the current situation (he's going to be here at least another month) and will be trying to ready them for what's to come. Today there is going to be a conference with his care team so I hope that there will be a little more light shed on dad's current state and what is ahead. It has been hot here...100 degrees both Monday and Tuesday...and pretty humid too. I'm loving it! Last night there was a little lightning in the air to spice things up a bit. I'm hoping for storms this evening. I'll get some pictures and try to past them later.

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