Wednesday, July 4, 2012

St John Picnic Lunch

If you know me at all the title of this post seems to be something to yawn at. I spend at least 6 days a week at St. John's...Lutheran Church that what would be the big deal of having a picnic lunch there? Actually, the thought of it is kind of pathetic since today is a holiday and I was supposed to be taking the day off. That is just what I did. After an early (well, not that early) morning tennis romp...I played pretty well...I came home and my bride said, "Why don't we take a drive?" I suggested that we take picnic lunch to enjoy somewhere along the way, so the cooler was packed and off we went. The idea was to head south and west, to places that we never had been before. We turned off Hwy 195 a little before Spangle and wound our way across the northern Palouse. We hit Mauldin and Fall City, then St John. That's where lunch broke out. St John is a pretty little town with a little city park right in the middle. From there we headed farther south to Endicott, then over to Winona and Benge, finally heading back north toward Ritzville. A turn to the right had us headed for Lamont, which could only be accessed by about a 10 mile stretch of gravel road. What an adventure! We hit home a little after 4:00pm, and now it's just about time for a cocktail and the ignition of the Coleman Campfire Tripod Grill. Butterflied chicken with southwestern beans and salad is on the menu this evening.

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