Friday, September 28, 2012

Peer Pressure

Due to the constraints of time...I have to work for a living...I had suspended my blogging career.  The rigors of more than full-time employment, extended post-graduate education and my burgeoning tennis career just got to be too much to maintain a reasonable quota of blog posts.  Alas, due to the outcry of my fans...people who have no life of their own and have to rely on me to give them something to talk about...I am compelled to pick up the ball again and run with it.

Where shall I begin?  It's been a long time since mid July.  I guess I'll start with the family situation.  My Dad has recovered (somewhat) from his broken kneecap, but has still not been able to come home from the rehab (nursing) home.  This past week he has been hospitalized and it has been determined that he has prostate cancer.  No prostate cancer, so I'm told, is not that big a deal unless you yourself are a prostate gland.  He'll be treated with medication and life will continue on.  Over the next few weeks the saga will continue as my Mom tries to get him to come home.  I'll be going there to help again in a couple of weeks.

What really prompted this post is the tennis posse, and today's events.  The regular gang was together again...actually some of them might be a little irregular, at least that would account for their demeanor...John, Bill, Mark and I.  I got off to a good start teamed with Bill as we won 6 to 4.  It wasn't really that close.  The second set found John and I on the same side of the net, staring down Bill and Mark.  What resulted is what is called a "bagelling".  That's when the opponent comes up totally all aspects of the game...and loses 6-0.  That happens rather infrequently.  If it did happen more often I guess there would be more posts in this space.  The final set was cut short due to time constraints, with Mark and I in control at 4-1.  The posse will have to get along without me for a little more than a week as I will be off to Fort Wayne, Indiana on Sunday afternoon for my final week long segment of seminary training.  I am beginning my last year in the program.

There is a lot that is happening at the church, St. John's Lutheran, I suggest that you come down this Sunday morning at 10:00am for an update.

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