Friday, April 6, 2012

Trying To Keep A Positive Attitude

After my post of a week ago, I promised myself that I would not post again until I didn't have to complain about the weather anymore.  Well, It's been 7 days and the weather still stinks...but it's finally going to get better.  I can report some good news though, it didn't snow today, at least not that I saw.  Let me recount the last week.  Saturday it rained.  Sunday it snowed.  On Monday things weren't too bad.  Tuesday it snowed...about 2 inches.  Wednesday it snowed.  Thursday it snowed.  I already mentioned today.  Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be sunnier and least that's what the Feds say.  On Easter we might even see 60 degrees.  WooHoo!!!

It is Holy Week, and that means that there are a lot of things happening around the church.  Those of you who really need to show up for worship have again failed to do so...and you know who you are!  We had a nice service on Holy Thursday, and a drama for Good Friday earlier this evening.  Tomorrow starts with Men's Breakfast at the church at 8:30am and then there's the preparation and execution of our outreach strategy at the Eagle Ridge Easter Egg Hunt which takes place at 1:00pm.  Eagle Ridge is the huge housing development that is located just south of where we built our church.  The whole idea is to execute the Easter Bunny when he shows up, and before the little kiddies see him.  Being that we're Lutheran we will then offer coffee to everyone and pass around the collection plate.  It should be a fun day.

Since I'm not complaining about the weather I now have the opportunity to complain about my tennis group.  Due to a Gonzaga University tennis match with those wretched Mormons from BYU earlier today my posse and I were forced to rise in the pre-dawn darkness and play at 8:00am.  How inhuman!  I could barely keep my eyes open through the initial set.  In said set I was teamed with Bill" the Bohunk" Sefranek.  We quickly found ourselves down 5-0 and then proceeded to win 6 games in a row!  We gave one back to our opponents...John and Mark...and then went on to demolish them in the tie breaker.  Form that point on things got even better.  I ended up the "big winner" of the day.  I am always big, but seldom a winner.

Let see...what else is new?  The baseball season is underway and I think the Mariners may already be mathematically eliminated from post season contention.  Oh yeah...the our yard still needs to be made ready for spring.  The snow has finally melted again.  If any of you would like to come over and rake up the pine needles and dead grass, and pick up the dog bombs, consider yourselves very welcomed.  We might even feed you!

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