Monday, April 16, 2012

Well It's About &%#$ Time!

It was last Tuesday afternoon...almost a week ago...that I bugged out of work early (if you can honestly call what I do work?) to power rake the lawn and get the fertilizer down with the per-emergent weed killer.  It was a decent day, about 65 with a little bit of sun and the "Feds" were predicting rain for later that night into Wednesday.  That would be perfect!  Get the Weed n' Feed down and then have it naturally watered in a bit.  I got MY work done quickly and efficiently, but the weather has been holding out on its end of the bargain, at least until today.  Finally, after almost a week, the rain started to fall this morning.  Out at the airport we officially got two tenths of an inch in the rain bucket...but my lawn is not at the airport.  Actually I got just about the same here on the "Snobby South Hill", an unofficial .21"  The front yard is already looking greener.

With the Easter holiday in the rear-view mirror yesterday meant the opening tournament of the Spokane Lutheran Softball Association.  At least this year it didn't snow...last year we weren't so lucky.  It was a chilly 55 degrees or so with just enough wind to make it feel like 40, and a couple of sprinkles from time to time.  This is the second year in the league for the St. John's "Geriatrics" and we came into the season expecting BIG things.  We do have a bigger team this year, about 20 people if we all show up.  In our inaugural season a year ago we won all of two games the entire year.  Are fans on the other hand, went undefeated.  We have great fans.  Our first game began at 12:45, so it meant that we all had to hustle from church to the ballpark on the city's northwest side.  If you don't come to church you don't play you know!  That first tilt pitted us against Pilgrim Lutheran, and this is their inaugural year in the league.  We managed 22 runs, to their 10, so we were undefeated after one game.  Immediately after we took on Beautiful Savior Lutheran of the "Snobby South Hill".  In a pitcher's duel we came out on top 7-4.  SWEET!  We're 2-0.  Then came a break, and I believe 5 pizzas.  After scarfing down all of that cheesy saucy goodness we hit the field and got smoked something like 193-6.  Well, maybe it might not have been that bad.  We weren't sure what church that the other team was from, and they didn't know either, but considering this is a coed league I am sure that their entire choir sings bass.  The bottom line is that we have now won twice as many games as we have lost, and our winning percentage is a robust .667!  After our final effort of the day it was off to the Swinging Doors Saloon to toast our incredible prowess.

This morning, as I mentioned, the rains finally came.  Fortunately our tennis extravaganza was set to played indoors.  I had a doubleheader scheduled.  At 8:00am I was asked to fill in with the really really old guys.  Most of them saw Jesus when He came out of the tomb.  I was pretty successful there.  At 9:30 it was time to meet up with the regular posse...the really old guys...John, Bill and Mark.  They always present more of a challenge.  In an hour and a half we didn't even make it through two sets.  That was mostly do to one of the members of the group...who shall remain unnamed but generally Happy...constantly complaining about the unsportsmanlike nature of my shots.

It's now evening and the meatloaf and mac-and-cheese is in the oven.  I think I'll make a salad to go with it to insure that we have a healthy meal.

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