Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Off The Road

We made it back from our adventure last evening, and now the recovery process is beginning.  We had to evacuate the LA area very quickly on Sunday morning, before the snow hit...yes...snow!  The mountains to the north of the metro area rise to 5 to 7 thousand feet, and Tejon (pronounced "tay-hone"...which is Spanish for Badger) Pass is at 4,300 feet.  We scooted through as the first flurries of what would end up to be about a foot of snow began to fall.  From there on the weather was favorable and the driving quite uneventful.  We made it to Grants Pass, Oregon on Sunday evening, and then back to Spokane last night.  I must admit that I prefer the green grass and palm trees of southern California to the snow and ice of eastern Washington.

What follows is the first installment on plenty of pictures that I took on New Year's Day, from the parade and the game.  This first batch has a decidedly Wisconsin flair.

Maybe we didn't win the game...but we represented well!

More to come.  On Wisconsin!!!

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  1. Jeff said it cost $40.00 to park on golf course next to the Rose Bowl????