Friday, January 21, 2011


last evening the sky was clear and the temperatures started to drop.  Early this morning rain began to fall.  The combination of the two coated just about everything with a sheet of ice, making it rather difficult to get around earlier.  Undaunted, as we had to get to our 9:30am tennis appointment, we headed out onto the roadways.  The going was slow, and at times a bit unnerving (mainly for Kay as I was in complete control of the Family Truckster and my composure), but we got there.  Coming home was a little better as things are now melting.  The dog still doesn't want to go out and conduct business though as the ice on the back steps is still there.

I have discovered the secret to parking oneself in front of the TV and watching as much sports as I want.  Just get your bride involved in whatever sport it is and you're set.  Not only can you watch hours on end, but she will watch too.  For example; we both have been playing tennis regularly for a couple of years now.  All week long we have been entertained in the evenings by watching the Australian Open.  It's even on the tube in our family room before I come home in the evening.  Through all of this I avoid having to be exposed to newscasts, sitcoms and reality shows.  It's really quite nice.  Now if only I could get Kay to start playing football.

Speaking of tennis...certain members of my posse are getting a little uppity again about not getting enough space devoted to them on this blog.  My response has been "well do something noteworthy!"  That doesn't seem to help though as we just kind of keep grinding along.  Since I want to maintain the peace, and keep my buddy John happy (which really isn't that hard to do if you know what I mean) I am including a picture of the fellas.
That's Bill on the far left, John second from the right, and Tuck on the right.  Also pictured is the lovely M'Lou...Bill's bride.  You'll notice that there is no ice, except in the drinks.  This picture was taken when the weather was much warmer and the posse was much younger.

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