Friday, July 29, 2011

When You Wanna See Baseball Really Bad...

We've got some really bad baseball!

That could be the motto of the Spokane Indians, the local class A level minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers.  Group of just over 20 of us from St. John's Lutheran Church were in attendance tonight for the game against those pesky Eugene Emeralds.  I cannot report the final score, but when we left at the beginning of the 9th inning the score was 7 to 4 with the home team in arrears.  We ducked out early not to beat the rush in the parking lot...this is minor league baseball...there aren't enough people to create a rush in the parking lot, but rather to try to get out ahead of the case of dysentery that was setting in due to the ballpark food.  You see, tonight was "Family Feast Night", which means that the hot dogs, soda pop and ice cream sandwiches were all priced at a buck.   The Pepsi and the ice cream were not the issue, but the hot dogs seem to have been a bit suspect in their quality.

Speaking of poor sports, I feel that I have to comment on my tennis outing from earlier today.  The quality of my play rivaled the hot dogs of the evening!  It was abysmal.  About the best thing that I can say about it is that I didn't hurt myself, or anyone else for that matter.  I believe that it was last Friday that I reported that I was the big winner...where I am usually just big.  Well, today I was the big loser.  There's an old saying from back where I come from, the home country of Wisconsin.  "Some days you step in it, and some days you don't."  Today I stepped in it...BIG TIME!  Following the regular session of tennis I stayed for and hour and a half clinic called "Play With the Pro".  It is basically a free group lesson, and today the group was very small, just 3 of us.  That meant that the cardiac and aerobic aspects of it were pretty intense.  We ended the session playing a set of doubles...the 3 of us and the pro.  I was on the team that played against the pro, and surprisingly I held my own.  I wasn't good mind you, but at least a little more average than in the earlier session with the posse.

This afternoon we dropped into the NWMAC, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.  The da Vinci exhibit is here this summer and we wanted to go see.  It's a a lot...pricey, but that's the only way that the museum can stay in business.  It turned out to be pretty interesting, lots of his designs had been turned into machines that we could play around with, and there were knock offs of his paintings on display.  I wish there would have been more information about him personally, like, what kind of guy he was, if he wore boxers or briefs, and what his favorite beer might have been.  All of that remains a mystery.

The weather seems to have finally gotten straightened out.  The days are sunny and at least fairly warm, but I still feel cheated that we are not getting any hot weather.  Looking at the next week or so it appears as if we are in for a stretch of sunny days with highs in the 80s and clear nights with lows in the 50s.  That's not bad, but I really would rather be closer to least during the day.  Even I will admit that 100 degrees for an overnight low is a little excessive.  Tomorrow I will be spending the day mostly indoors, working at the church.  I have to finish my homework for the week, and put the finishing touches on the service and the sermon for Sunday morning.  Why not drop by on Sunday about 9:30am, it should be a good one!

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