Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday!

Well, once again the weather forecast, that which was coming via the National Weather Service through all of the local media outlets, was for snow overnight into this morning...and, once again there was nary a sniff of it.  When was the last decent weather forecast that we have had around here?  I have to admit that the Spokane area weather people really had no chance as they were up against a much higher power, God himself, as once again our church's prayers for favorable weather for Sunday morning were heard and answered in the affirmative.

At least in part due to the favorable weather, and very likely a large number of other factors, we once again had a bumper crop of people in attendance in the worship service at St. John's Lutheran today.  The count was 141 which is more than we have had in a regular (non-special event) service since moving into our new church building, and probably more than we had seen in the 5 or 6 years previous to moving out of the downtown location.  In honor of the occasion, Super Sunday, I took the opportunity to break out my foam rubber cheesehead wedge in the message, revealing where my football allegiance lies (as if anyone really had any doubt!)  To the few folks in the congregation that I know grew up in western Pennsylvania, and are die hard Steeler fans I offered my somewhat sincere apologies, but that didn't stop me from donning the cheesehead.

It was a busy weekend in and around the church as yesterday we started with Men's Breakfast at 8:00am. This month we decided to include the ladies thinking that it would be a good way to get more high quality food brought in.  It worked like a charm!  After the breakfast and Bible study we transitioned into a strategic planning meeting that would last into the early afternoon.  We had nearly 50 people that showed up to participate, probably because lunch was provided.  I don't know if we accomplished all that much but we sure did eat a lot!  Actually, it was a very productive time and the time went very fast.

Now it's just about time to take in all the spectacle and pageantry of the Super Bowl.  As I sit here the cheesehead still sits atop my head, and probably will remain there for most of the rest of the day.  In college basketball the old Alma mater, Wisconsin, demolished their main rival, Michigan State today, which bodes well for clean sweep of the days major sporting events for the State of Wisconsin in beating the Steelers in the "Big Game."  Go Pack GO!

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