Saturday, November 13, 2010

The First Snow

As I arose this morning and descended the staircase to allow our aging doggie her morning pit stop I noticed a curious occurrence outside our windows.  Yes indeed, that was snow that was falling...very little mind you, and from the looks of things we were very near the melting level...but technically speaking we have now experienced our first snow of the fall and winter season of 2010-2011.  There was no measurable accumulation, and the early is just cloudy cold and damp.  That is the way it will be through the rest of the day, and tomorrow is looking a little brighter drier and milder.  We should get back up into the middle 40s. (WHOOPEE!)

Things have been very busy since my last post...oh the rigors of having to satisfy 4 employers.  Nevertheless there has been some opportunity for some fun and entertainment.  Yesterday morning out on the tennis court my buddy, and member of my posse, John opened up a can of "whoop-#%$" on the rest of us, being the big winner of the day.  Last evening I had the chance to take in the first regular season Gonzaga basketball game thanks to my buddy David (not a member of any of my posses).  GU opened up a can of "whoop-#%$" on Southern University of Baton Rouge, LA by scoring 117 points and leading by 50 points at times in the 2nd half.  This morning while I was teaching some of our young folks confirmation instruction at the church my Alma mater Wisconsin opened up a can of "whoop-#%$" on the Indiana Hoosiers (Hoosier daddy?) to the tune of 83 to 20!  Its hard to score 83 points without anyone else on the field let alone with a Big Ten defense out there.

In a little while I will have my time out on the court, as I will don the black and white striped shirt again so that otherwise mild mannered and respectable parents of elementary age boys and girls can unload profanity laced tirades at me and whomever else is out there with me.  Its always good to set a good example in front of your kids, isn't it?  As I was watching the game last evening...I usually pay more attention to the officials rather than the players...I couldn't help but notice how much easier it appears to call college level games as the players involved know how to play the game well, and you don't have near as many rugby type scrums as with the younger folks.  That being said, college coaches have refined the art of screaming at officials to the point that it seems as if that is all that they ever do.

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