Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winning Ways!

Perhaps you noticed...earlier this morning...that the forecast for today from the National Weather Service featured mostly sunny skies. Some of that sunshine came dripping down on us this afternoon as we played softball...and even more of it has come pouring down just a short time ago. I'm sure glad I don't have the Coleman Campfire Grill going in the backyard. The steaks would be pretty soggy. Did I mention our softball adventures of the afternoon? Of course I did. That's why I have chosen to communicate with you this evening. Our team...the St. John's Geriatrics...hit the field to play two today. Because of all of the goings on at church this morning, which leaked into the afternoon, I was not able to attend the least not until the game had gotten away from us to the tune of about 28 to 5. I did make it in time for the nightcap (2:15pm) and took my place as the interim manager. There was one problem though. A shortage of male players caused me to have to insert myself in the lineup. I was stationed at first base, batting in the number 8 spot. In spite of my best efforts, we managed to stay competitive and eeked out a 12 to 11 victory. I can truthfully say that I had no fielding gaffes (even an assist on a throw to third base catching a runner trying to stretch a double into a triple) and at the dish I was 1 for 2 with a run scored. Watching me run the bases had to be a real treat. This Sunday evening I have a lot to look forward to. Tomorrow morning my little buddy Brady is going to be coming over for a visit. He's going to be spending a little time with us as he is now finished with school for the year, but dad still has another week to go. I have another doubleheader to start things off in the morning, playing tennis with one group of guys (I don't really want to say geezers) at 8:00am and with my regular geezers at 11:00. In between, from 9:30 to 11:00 I'll be entertaining Brady as Kay plays during that time period. I'll have to pack my sword in the tennis bag so that we can prowl the grounds of the tennis club hunting snakes...and whatever unwitting varmints that might happen to cross our path.

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